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Thoughts on Winding Down


It has been great fun thinking about new projects and ways to share projects as plans and kits.

Many of you have contributed your valuable time, ideas, and expertise to further our efforts. It was a special pleasure when someone reported success with a project or good results using one of our transfer references.

The business loans are just about all paid, and we are finally near a break-even point! However, the sad truth is, our present business plan is not commercially viable. So it's not a bankruptcy, just an ideal time to make a good decision.

The present plan is to wind the current business down around the end of this year.

All copyrights remain in effect, however feel free to copy anything from the website for personal use. The website might remain up for the pre-paid plan some months out, or might come down sooner.

I will continue to support several projects in progress beyond the business wind down.


Some of Our Past Projects!


FDM Proton Precession Magnetometer kit

Voltage Reference Products

GELLER Labs JCan, a project Measure the noise generated by a resistor in your home or school lab! Convert your measurements directly to nV/rt Hz readings using an Excel Work Sheet and compare your measured values to theoretical Johnson noise values. Read more on resistor noise at the JCan References Page. (AC voltmeter, batteries, and BNC cable not included)

GELLER Labs Micro Gust Thermal Anemometer

USB Powered Meter Tester Project cancelled


Need to find a page from a discontinued project? If the pages are still posted at our website server, you might find the page using the GoogleTM search bar from our home page .


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