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hp 5359A Time Synthesizer (Pulse Generator)

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The hp 5359A is essentially a pulse generator. What distinguishes this instrument over typical pulse generators is the ability to provide an ultra-high accuracy, ultra-high resolution time delay (from an external trigger) and an ultra-high accuracy, ultra-high resolution time delay pulse width. The full scale for both time delay and time width is 160 ms with 50 ps resolution. The minimum width is 5 ns and the minimum period is on the order of 100 ns. The internal pulse repetition rate generator (frequency) has less absolute accuracy than the two delay times. The unit can also provide delay and width times using a 2^24 bit system counting external edge events. However, our best understanding (to be reviewed) is that the external event mode does not make use of the high resolution features of the unit, more to follow.

hp 5359A in the August 1978 hp Journal From the hp website: "Cover: Model 5359A Time Synthesizer and Model 5370A Universal Time Interval Counter Universal Counter Resolves Picoseconds in Time Interval Measurements...a new triggered phase-locked oscillator and a dual vernier interpolation scheme provide 20-picosecond resolution without averaging, by David C. Chu, Mark S. Allen, Allen S. Foster, pg 2-11 The Triggered Phase-Locked Oscillator, by David C. Chu, pg 8-9 Time Synthesizer Generates Precise Pulse Widths and Time Delays for Critical Timing Applications...this time synthesizer's extremely stable, low-jitter time delays may be synchronized precisely to an external trigger, by Leonard R. Dickstein, Keith M. Ferguson, pg 12-19"

In 1981, the hp 5339A sold for $7,500. They crossed $10,000 in 1979, and by the last year it was available as a catalog item in 1993, the hp 5359A sold for $17,950.

We acquired a small fleet of these units some years back to construct a time line for a physics experiment. No longer needed, most will now be parted out and/or recycled for precious metals.

All parts, boards, and assemblies are used and in working condition. Here are some preliminary prices:

All prices are subject to change without notice, shipping is an additional charge.

Parts Prices

All boards will be taken from a working unit and/or tested before shipping. Boards and parts are not returnable. Use good trouble-shooting an repair practice. For example, check all power supply rails for both DC and AC ripple before doing any other trouble shooting! Do not put "new" used cards in a unit with power supply problems, until the power supply rails are operating correctly (with the possible exception of the power supply regulator boards).

If you are concerned about physical condition / appearance (e.g. for a Front Panel Assembly), please request a snap-shot of the actual item prior to placing your order and making payment.

All components and boards are USED:

A9 Processor Board $29.95

A12 ROM Assembly $29.95

05370-6011 A11 Display Interface $24.95

Front Panel Assembly with Display Window, keys, connectors $79.95

Ribbon cables with plastic hold downs $8.95 each (specify which ones)

05370-50081 Power Supply Control $39.95

A16 with the four trimmers to calibrate the front panel amplitude display $39.95

05370-60007 Oven Osc. Power Supply $29.95 A7 Oven Oscillator Power Supply Assembly

10811A Oven Oscillator $115

05370-60008 A8 Frequency Buffer Assembly $29.95

05370-60015 A15 HP-IB Interface Assembly $19.95

A17 Output Reference Assembly $39.95

05359-60018 Pulse Output Sync Output and Triggers A18 Output Assembly $64.95 (includes un-obtanium hybrid)

A19 Auto-Zero Assembly $29.95

A20 Trigger Amplifier Assembly $24.95

A22 Digital Timing Assembly $24.95

A23 Startable PLL Oscillator Assembly $64.95 (includes un-obtanium hybrid)

05370-60124 10 MHz to 200 MHz Multiplier and Out of Lock Detection A24 $59.95

Main Power Supply Electrolytics: $12.95 each

K1 Relay $24.95

Power Transformer (will cut leads as long as possible) $49.95

Rear Panel Parts: send inquiry

Misc Parts: send inquiry





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hp manuals and related catalog pages are reproduced with Permission, Courtesy of Agilent Technologies, Inc.


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