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Closed 2013

All copyrights remain in effect, however feel free to copy anything from the website for personal use. The website might remain up to about 11/2016.

I will continue to support several projects time allowing, as a hobby electronics / amateur science effort.

Geller Labs was an engineering company operating under the business name GELLER.

email: click here to send email to Geller Labs.

Professional Organizations: IEEE senior member, Optical Society of America (OSA) member, American Geophysical Union (AGU) member

Joe Geller, the sole proprietor of GELLER, is also a registered patent attorney. Joseph M. Geller, JD, EE, USPTO Reg. #48,144 is admitted in NY. GELLER does not operate in any specific technology area where Joe Geller performs legal patent services for others. Avoidance of conflict is a fundamental principle of both the engineering and the legal business.

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