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Thoughts on Winding Down

It has been great fun thinking about new projects and ways to share projects as plans and kits.

Many of you have contributed your valuable time, ideas, and expertise to further our efforts. It was a special pleasure when someone reported success with a project or good results using one of our transfer references.

The business loans are just about all paid, and we are finally near a break-even point! However, the sad truth is, our present business plan is not commercially viable. So it's not a bankruptcy, just an ideal time to make a good decision.

The present plan is to wind the current business down around the end of this year.

All copyrights remain in effect, however feel free to copy anything from the website for personal use. The website might remain up for the pre-paid plan some months out, or might come down sooner.

I will continue to support several projects in progress beyond the business wind down.

Geller labs (website name) operated as a professional acitivity (engineering), a sole proprietorship under the name GELLER.  Since about 2004, we have been developing inexpensive hobby electronics kits and products for amateur scientists and electronics hobbyists at low cost with professional performance. Our home office is in the Rome / Utica New York area.

We chose voltage references as our first product line because there seems to be little available at the 10 ppm accuracy level outside of the $600 to $6,000 price range.  By maintaining a calibrated Fluke 732B transfer standard in conjunction with our with our Agilent 34410A and/or the FLUKE 845AR null meter we are able to offer NIST traceable references at affordable prices.*
Many hundreds of our 10 Volt SVR references are used by amateur labs worldwide.  Delivery of these units can run one to two weeks from date of order.

Our goals included the introduction of a new set of engineering and physics experiments. We were very excited about the FDM Proton Magnetometer experiment. The Micro Gust Thermal Anemometer (MGTA) was our first experiment. The next experiment, the "JCan", published July, 2007. JCan kits (meter not included) and JCan printed circuit boards are still available.


*Our Fluke 732B is under a Fluke NIST traceable Calibration Contract.

Joe Geller, the sole proprietor of GELLER, is also a registered patent attorney. Joseph M. Geller, JD, EE, USPTO is admitted in NY. GELLER does not operate in any specific technology area where Joe Geller performs legal patent services for others. Avoidance of conflict is a fundamental principle of both the engineering and the legal business.

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