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WRUN Remsen / Utica Coverage

WRUN signal strength was measured using a car equipped with a fixed rigid vertical antenna, a spectrum analyzer with digitizer, and a GPS.

All signal stregnth data is in dBuV (0 dB = 1 uV), a logarithm scale.

Red (no coverage) is below 30 dBuV

Yellow (poor to fair/good) from 30 dBuV to 55 dBuV

Green (fair/good to strong) above 55 dBuV

(16 dBuV was the noise floor for the scale used in this test with an 80 dBuV reference scale)

The data should be viewed directly on Google Earth by downloading the KML file. Wait for the satellite map to appear under the data points before using pan or zoom. (I notice that Google Earth does not run well on older machines. It does not run on my Pentium 4 desktop, but runs fine on the Dell laptop purchased for this project.)

The raw data in two text files, txt1 and txt2 can be viewed with Microsoft Notepad and the data was entered in part into MS excel for conversion to KML and KMZ files. (The vehicle speed data is in nautical miles per hour, multiply by 1.151 for statute mph.)

Here are some example screen shots as .jpg files:

(For detail, the data should be viewed in Google Earth)

Entire area from Starr Hill to Utica

The Whitesboro to Utica area

Some more detail of the Whitesboro NY Mills area

An example of a detailed look at Sunset Avenue in Utica

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