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Thoughts on Winding Down


It has been great fun thinking about new projects and ways to share projects as plans and kits.

Many of you have contributed your valuable time, ideas, and expertise to further our efforts. It was a special pleasure when someone reported success with a project or good results using one of our transfer references.

The business loans are just about all paid, and we are finally near a break-even point! However, the sad truth is, our present business plan is not commercially viable. It is not bankruptcy, just an ideal time to make a good business decision.

The present plan is to wind the current business down around the end of this year.

All copyrights remain in effect, however feel free to copy anything from the website for personal use. The website might remain up for the pre-paid plan some months out, or might come down sooner.

I will continue to support several projects in progress beyond the business wind down.

Following our 2013 closing: Some sales will continue for a time, e.g. PPM kits, SVR kits (AD587LN), JCan kits, and MGTA kits are still available. PPM kits take a long time to pack and might need up to a week from order to shipping.


FDMPPM Links will remain for a time to be determined:

Copyright remains in effect, however feel free to take what you want for personal use.

For those visiting from the EDN article (welcome!) here is the full NASA/ESA caption for the SOHO illustration (too long for the magazine article): figure 1 SOHO (ESA & NASA) illustration caption : "CME blast and subsequent impact at Earth" "This illustration shows a CME blasting off the Sun’s surface in the direction of Earth. [The] left portion is composed of an EIT 304 image superimposed on a LASCO C2 coronagraph. Two to four days later, the CME cloud is shown striking and beginning to be mostly deflected around the Earth’s magnetosphere. The blue paths emanating from the Earth’s poles represent some of its magnetic field lines. The magnetic cloud of plasma can extend to 30 million miles wide by the time it reaches earth. These storms, which occur frequently, can disrupt communications and navigational equipment, damage satellites, and even cause blackouts. (Objects in the illustration are not drawn to scale.)": JPG Courtesy of SOHO consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.


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