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Following our 2013 closing: Some sales will continue for a time, e.g. PPM kits, SVR kits (AD587LN), JCan kits, and MGTA kits are still available. PPM kits take a long time to pack and might need up to a week from order to shipping.

Want to build your own FDM Proton Precession Magnetometer? -

Late Summer 2013: All parts are now in stock. We expect to ship back ordered kits by about the second or third week in August. A great project for the sumer/fall seasons! In colder climates, get your sensor stand installed before winter!

The FDM PPM KIT: (introductory price) $249.95 each kit, plus shipping, which includes the aluminum boxes (not drilled), all electronic parts, and the PCBs for the two modules. Includes both the NBLNA and SWCTRL parts. The kits include -only- all parts to build the two modules. There are a Lot of parts! In these initial small quantities, it takes several hours to pack a kit!

Everything else is supplied by the experimenter as home brew (e.g. power supplies), as surplus or new commercial buys. Coils, wire, cable, the National Instruments USB 6008 digitizer (buy direct from NI or on eBay), computer, power supplies, PVC parts, wood stand parts, are not included.

Project Documentation

The present version of our Windows 7 software is included by email or dropbox (only with a kit purchase). All docs are here on the website. Reasonable tech support by email is included. We do not at this time sell assembled units or portable versions. The computer does not need to be dedicated to the project and can run other programs while running your FDM PPM observatory (as it is running on this machine as I make this entry). Buyers during this pre-production period will receive free software updates as they become available.

Shipping within the U.S. (2 lbs, 10 oz from zip 13492) is about $20 and to many EU countries, about $40 US (we require insurance for this project kit, international shipping needs be by Priority Mail International to qualify for insurance. Unfortunately, First Class International parcels cannot be insured).

From time to time we have NI USB 6008, USB 6009 lightly used, or new old unused units in stock at great surplus prices (only with a FDMPPM kit purchase).

Introductory Price List for Assembled Items and testing and calibration services:

Counter-wound coils_No Longer available: $294.95 plus shipping Several experimenters told me that they would like to build a FDM proton precession magnetometer as an amateur geomagnetic observatory, but they do not want to deal with winding the two counter-wound coils. Our winding jig is mostly manual with a motor assist, however if it would make the difference for some early builders, we can provide a matched pair of coils for $294.95 plus shipping. It takes some copper, rolls of tape, some PVC and more than one day to make the coil forms, wind the coils, and finally to balance and measure the inductances and to measure the final R values, so I think that is probably a reasonable price. This is for a matched pair of coils only, no enclosure or sensor stand parts are included.

Steps to make the coils: cut the 4" 2inch PVC sections (radial saw), cut large holes in the end pieces of the coil form (router table), tape the foam on both ends to support the end pieces, use PVC primer and cement to build the forms, let dry overnight, drill inner holes for inside winding connection, wind both coils (several hours), balance for inductance by trimming one coil, cleaning insulation from magnet wire each iteration, double check balance (all balancing is done with an Agilent U1733C LCR meter on a wood surface on plastic saw horses), measure four wire ohms (Agilent 34410A or hp 3456A), weigh on balance scale, test central DC polarization field at 1.5 Amperes (Agilent 6632B power supply, F.W. Bell 6010 Gauss meter with Axial probe) and confirm correct magnetic polarity (Brunton GEO precision compass we use for instrument survey, a fine instrument!), fill out data sheet, pack each coil in a small box, then both small boxes in an outer shipping box, complete shipping paperwork (I think the price might actually need to be higher :)

Assembled NBLNA module_No Longer available: $395.95 plus shipping, Assembled and tested NBLNA board with test data. Mounted in the aluminum box. Includes calibration for a desired geographic location.

Assembled SWCTRL module_No Longer available: $325.95 plus shipping, Assembled and tested SWCTRL board. Mounted in the aluminum box.

Calibration and testing of an NBLNA board with cal. data: $25 plus shipping, (any needed repairs extra)

Testing of a SWCTRL board: $15 plus shipping, (any needed repairs extra)

Balancing counter - wound coils: $50 plus return shipping. On a wood surface on plastic saw horses, we balance the inductance between the two coils to about .01 mH, test the B field at 1.5A, and provide resistance values and weight. After prior arrangment, ship the coils to us (dry, without the NMR fluid bottle) by UPS or FedEx ground shipping.


This is an advanced project, less suitable for first time kit builders or those without experience in electronics. An inexperienced kit builder might team up with an experienced local engineer, EE professor, electronics technician, or ham radio operator with construction experience.

International shipping declares the actual purchase price on the customs forms, we are not able to check "gifts". We are required by U.S. law to declare the actual sales price and contents.

User's without a LabView Development system already installed (the most common installation) need to install a free download "run time" driver for the USB 6008, the NI-DAQmx Configuration Run-Time and the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. Latest Versions:

NI-DAQmx Run-Time Engine 9.6 - (Core) - Windows 7 32-bit/Vista 32-bit/Server 2008 R2 64-bit/XP 32-bit/Server 2003 R2 32-bit/Vista 64-bit/7 64-bit

NI-DAQmx 9.6 Core Runtime provides a smaller footprint run-time driver for deploying applications developed using NI-DAQmx 9.6

LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2012 - (32-bit Standard RTE) - Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 64-bit/Vista/XP 32-bit/Server 2003 R2 32-bit





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