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Thoughts on Winding Down


It has been great fun thinking about new projects and ways to share projects as plans and kits.

Many of you have contributed your valuable time, ideas, and expertise to further our efforts. It was a special pleasure when someone reported success with a project or good results using one of our transfer references.

The business loans are just about all paid, and we are finally near a break-even point! However, the sad truth is, our present business plan is not commercially viable. So it's not a bankruptcy, just an ideal time to make a good decision.

The present plan is to wind the current business down around the end of this year.

All copyrights remain in effect, however feel free to copy anything from the website for personal use. The website might remain up for the pre-paid plan some months out, or might come down sooner.

I will continue to support several projects in progress beyond the business wind down.


There might be some continued sales past the business wind down ... To be determined.

Ordering can be done by email or U.S. mail. We accept PayPal (joegeller -at-, USPS money orders, personal checks*, and bank checks. Please make checks out to "Joseph M. Geller" . Geller Labs is only the name of our website, please do not write Geller Labs on checks.

Questions about ordering? Send us an email (joegeller -at-, we generally answer within a day, sometimes much sooner. (replace antispam "-at-" with "@")

We also accept University and College Purchase Orders. Our W9 form is available to purchasing offices by request.

(We are not set up to accept direct credit card payments at this time.)

U.S. Shipping for boxed references, to addresses in the U.S. is by USPS Priority Mail. Please lookup (6 Oz "package" for an assembled and calibrated SVR board) at the USPS site for Priority Mail rate by zip code from our zip 13492. Use the "online" price. The JCan kit weighs in at 1 pound 1 ounce and requires a lookup at the USPS site for Priority Mail rate by zip code from our zip 13492. An assembled JCan package is 3 pounds (16" x 10" x 8") in the U.S. ships from zip 13492 to your zip (Priority Mail). SVR boards ship by USPS Priority Mail in the US (6 Oz from zip 13492) or via First Class International Mail, such as to the EU, typically about US$12.75. MGTA boards and kits can be shipped USPS First Class Mail for $5.95, and SVR and MGTA bare boards (with no components) can be shipped in an envelope for 48 cents (no other bare boards are offered at this time).

Shipping information for the FDM Proton Magnetomter kit is on the FDMPPM kit page. Shipping Insurance is required for this kit purchase.

RoHS (lead free solder) : We do not currently offer any RoHS compliant products (except for some compliant PCBs and parts), therefore it appears that the GELLER Company can no longer actively market non-compliant products to the EU. It is likely that EU amateur scientists and electronics hobbyists can use our products under the "hobbyist" exception.

RoHS UPDATE: Sales to EU electronics hobbyists and Amateur Scientists: Some parts of our kits and products are not RoHS compliant. While we cannot actively market a non-compliant item to the EU, we have written advice from the RoHS UK authority, that it is permissible for EU electronics hobbyists and Amateur Scientists to purchase one unit for their own hobby use so long as it will not be used for their commercial gain by re-sale in the EU. EU buyers should contact us please for shipping prices. Modest cost shipping cost to the EU can be accomplished by using International First Class Mail. (We should probably not, however, include separate leaded solder in our kits. Kits will be shipped to the EU without solder).

International: Shipping worldwide is usually most economical by USPS First Class Mail International and ranges from $3 to $18 for single boxes or boards. See USPS online for rates.

Delivery can take between 5 days to 3 weeks using international airmail.

We occasionally sell new products, excess parts, and no longer needed prototypes (clearly described as prototypes) on eBayTM, usually at a discount, under the name gellerlabsoutletstore. We also sell excess and refurbished test equipment from time to time.

We only ship in well packed corrugated boxes. Padded envelopes (except from some small parts kits such as the FIREVOLT kit) do not offer enough protection. The black bags that we generally use are not just anti-static, but are actually conductive. Boards should not be powered while resting on the shipping bag.


Our home office mailing address: GELLER, 105 Hardcastle Ave., Whitesboro, NY 13492

email: click here to send email to Geller Labs.



*any returned check fees will be solely the responsibility of the buyer subject to the laws of the buyer's state as well as any applicable federal law.


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